Dear Fat Shamer,

Today I was walking home (yes walking, thats exercise!) from dropping my children at Pre-School and as im doing so, minding my own business, plodding along you decided to hurl abuse at me because i am overweight.

You don’t know me, we’ve never met, I’ve never done anything to you to make you dislike me, yet you felt you needed to belittle me because of the way I look.

Now to you, yelling ‘Fatty’ at a random stranger may be a bit of harmless fun and if you had left it at that I would of just brushed it off (with the thought of ‘idiot’), but as I continued to walk home you drove back around and then shouted more abuse relating to my weight and threw something at me, you went out of your way to come back around on yourself to rub salt in the wound just a little more.

To you that may be funny, a bit of harmless banter with your mates or maybe you get off on making someone else feel like shit because your insecure yourself, or maybe your just a nasty vile person and that’s your issue not mine.

But to me it hurt, It takes a lot for me to leave the house as it is. Words do wound, words make people question themselves, words can destroy how people view themselves and other people. Your words almost stopped me from trying to lose the lose some of the weight (and be healthier) which so greatly offends you, it almost made me go home and reach for my kids treat shelf, it almost made me go straight home and hide in my bed and and not move again. ALMOST!!!

Instead, I cried for quite a while because yes your words hurt me of course they did, they were mean, and uncalled for, but then I decided I’m not going to let you destroy what I’m trying to do, I’m going to continue to walk and try to be healthier, not necessarily lose weight but just be more active, because I’m not doing it for you, in doing it for myself and my family. So I will keep my head up and carry on despite your vile Bullying, because that’s exactly what you did and exactly what you are, a BULLY.

I wonder if your family would be proud if they knew how you treated me today?

Take a moment to think how would you feel if someone called you out on your biggest insecurities, would it hurt? would it make you question all about yourself?

How would you feel if your mum, wife, or daughter came home crying because someone treated them the way you treated me?

I can’t change what happened and how you view myself and other people (because no doubt I won’t be the only person you have bullied).

All I can do is keep my head high and try to ensure that I don’t treat people the way you treated me, and my children are educated enough about other people that they don’t turn out how you have!


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