Since becoming a mum my circle of friends has gotten smaller and smaller. Going from what seemed like knowing almost everyone in the club/pub on a night out in my late teens and early 20’s to a virtual recluse. 

Now don’t get me wrong I know alot of it is to do with my choices for example I no longer drink and the thought of going to a club full of people all squished in like sardines makes me feel anxious to say the least. But it also got me thinking . . .

  • Does it happen to all mums?
  • When you have a baby, are you no longer considered fun enough (for plans other than child related ones)?
  • Does becoming a parent make you boring?
  • Do people automatically think they won’t be able to (do whatever) because they have kids?

A few years ago I joined a mum and baby group on facebook (Up the duff or soon to be Divas) and since then the women on there have become more like friends to me than people I know in my everyday life. 

Although most of these women I have never even met in ‘real’ life I consider the majority of them my friends, I have ‘known’ them for the past 4 almost 5 years. 

I have more interaction and things in common with these women than I do with people i have known since my teens. We share alot of things in our little group, some very personal things, ALOT of advice, tips and experiences we’ve had since becoming mum’s or on the journey to becoming mum’s, but it’s not all parent related and most of the time it is that little bit of light hearted fun or support that you need after having a shitty day. 

There is so much support and encouragement for each other from these ladies, from job advice to support on a new hobby or venture, ideas shared and nothing is off limits no matter how personal or mucky.

As with anything if you get a load of women together there is the occasional bit of bitching but I have to admit this is very very rare, all the women on this group are really supportive, even of we differ in the way we express ourselves or parent our children. 

If it wasn’t for these ladies sharing thier stories, pictures or rants I think I’d be a very lonely mummy. 

So if like me your circle of ‘friends’ has all but disappeared since becoming a parent, join an online mummy group, your first step to find some new ‘friends’ who understand and can relate.

Duffers are Awesome!

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