Most people i know can’t wait for the longer days and the warmer weather, the beach holidays, bbq’s with family and friends, trips to the beach or just sun bathing in the garden.  Not me I just don’t like it, I’ve never been a fan of the warmer weather even when I was a kid. To me the warm weather means sweat, people smelling of B.O, people parading around in what can only be described as underwear as outerwear. Im not a prude in any sense but there are limits to how much flesh i want to see whilst out with my kids. Everywhere is rammed, parks, beaches, play areas. Im the person who prays for a storm to come to clear the muggy heavy air.

I love the colder weather and darker nights, there’s something about it that always seemed magical to me as a child and even now as a mum, with 3 of my own children, I love seeing the leaves change all different colours and frost forming making everything look like it’s coated in a layer of glitter few drops on spider webs (normally I’d stear well clear of them) that look like little jewels. 
It feels more like ‘Family’ time to me. Being all wrapped up in your Wooly warm clothes, hats, scarves, and gloves its like walking around all day in a hug from your mum.

The food too is so comforting, soup and warm crusty loaves, stews, hotpot, jacket potatoes (done in the oven),  chilli con carne. Then puddings like spotted dick, treacle sponge and custard it just makes me feel like a kid again.

Also the things to look forward to like Halloween which is my favourite time of the year which i still think should be a week long festivity. I always loved it as a child but since having my own its even more magical, having all the cousins round in thier costumes, playing messy games like apples bobbing and the flour game, and seeing how excited they are to trick or treat and then when they get back examining what they recieved, then trying to carve a pumpkin and scooping all the insides out. Watching them so excited and full of chatter and laughter is magical to me.

Then bonfire night, this was always a big deal when I was a kid as we used to have a real sense of community as all the kids from the local area would find bits and bats of old rubbish and wood and we would build a fire in the big field next to our house. We would go penny for a guying and use the money to buy fireworks for everyone to watch and my mum used to make hot dogs, cinder toffee, meat and potato pie (proper northern grub) and feed all the kids and neighbours who came to watch the fire and fireworks it was amazing. Even the official organised ones ive been to as an adult never seem to compare to that.

Of course the big one CHRISTMAS. As a child it was exciting but as a parent it is somewhat stressful but seeing the kids opening thier presents on Christmas morning and how excited they are thier little faces lighting up with delight is better than any gift under the tree as an adult. Then snuggling on the sofa watching Christmas films like Die Hard with a much younger Bruce Willis in his grubby white vest saving the day, a Christmas carol of course. Whilst waiting for the dinner to cook and the kids play with thier toys with everyone still in thier pyjamas. 

Some people may disagree with me but Autumn and Winter are by far better than spring and Summer.

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